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After a recent trip to the Louvre museum in Paris France and seeing Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. While standing in line to witness what is easily the most iconic painting in history, I was inspired with an idea. .

The Mona Lisa painting’s most famous attribute is her facial expression. As Spectators gaze at the painting for hours to figure out if she is smiling or not; In today's modern world with face recognition technology, animated emojis, selfies I wondered how I can create a portrait to relate to the audience. .

Using face recognition technology In my new painting Spoken the audience will be able to move the the facial expression of the portrait to mimic their own as if they are creating a live animated emoji. .

Upon looking at the painting, the protrait will automatically recognize and map the viewers face with its built in camera sensors. Once the viewer is identified the face of the portrait will emulate whatever face expression they make simultaneously.




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