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Egyptian origin and Coptic Christian faith. My family immigrated to Los Angeles California after winning a lottery to come to the States. I was just 10 years old when I came here, and instantly fell in love with Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. I never knew I was able to draw; parents didn't want me to peruse art. My father was an artist as well, but never made a living or anything like that of his talents, he thought it was a waste of time. My parents never really cared to give any tools to see if I can draw or not my whole child hood, they didn't want to distract me. It wasn't until my freshman year in high school where I had to take an elective class; I naturally chose art like all my friends because I heard it was an easy grade.


My first assignment was to make a still life drawing of some scissors lying on a table, presented in front of the whole class. I drew the scissors, but that's not all I drew, I drew them cutting each other, I made them look angry and violently hurting each other. My Art teacher was very impressed with the piece and asked me what my logic behind this piece, I simply explained, that sometimes we can hurt our own kind because we are able to. The next four years of high school she developed my talents and encouraged me to develop my skills. I created numerous art pieces and showcased them in school events, and local vendors around the city. After graduating I was honored to be a part of an exhibition that took place in the Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles California.


My art career since then has been enriched with many gallery exhibitions, international shows, and museums. I sold paintings to private art collectors, and people everywhere around the country.  Art to me is only art if it’s trying to say something, I have never made an art piece to show something that is obvious, I will show it to you the way I see it. With every painting I try to make that line between reality and imagination thinner, until I have no idea what’s real anymore. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and since the beholder (me) is an artist, I can show you how or why it’s beautiful.

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